IMB Academy

IMB Academy

International Martial Arts and Boxing Academy
The IMB policy believes that no single martial art style is applicable to all students. Students, as individuals, are different in size, physical ability, interest level and goals. The beginning and advance classes provide students with multiple types of disciplines and allows individuals to absorb what is most practical and functional.

The IMB Trilogy By Richard Bustillo
The dragon is the Internal spirit - the higher power in you and me. The eagle represents our Mental attitude - as proud and good as a leader can be. The Tiger signifies Body fitness - with strength and courage too. Your life is what you make it - it"s really up to you. But if you feel you"re in a battle and there"s a struggle deep within, let all three balance together because one alone just can not win.

Our Chief Instructor
IMB"s Founder and Chief Instructor, Richard S. Bustillo, is best known as a high-ranking Sigung in Bruce Lee"s Jeet Kune Do. He has completed the Coaches College at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO and the United States Amateur Boxing Clinic at the OTC as a coach, official, and referee. He has the distinction of being certified as a law enforcement defensive tactics instructor by the FBI, LASD, and LAPD. Mr. Bustillo is a recipient of various martial arts Hall of Fame awards: Black Belt Instructor of the Year, Martial Arts History Museum Pioneer, and the Filipino Martial Arts Life Time Achievement Award, just to name a few. The award-winning instructor is a Kru in Muay Thai, a Grandmaster in Doce Pares Eskrima, and a Sensei in traditional and non-traditional Jiujitsu and Wrestling. With over 45 years of teaching experience and features on over 30 front cover martial arts publications, Mr. Bustillo is one of the world"s most sought after martial artist for seminars, law enforcement defensive tactics training, self-defense programs, and competition training.

International Martial Arts and Boxing
Since 1974, the IMB Academy has played an important role in the personal development and growth of thousands of students living in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. The curriculum is taught across the U.S. and abroad through the academys network of affiliate instructors and schools. With over 10,000 square feet of floor space, including a fully matted main training room, a weight room, and open workout room with a boxing ring, and punching, kicking and speed bags, the IMB headquarters in Torrance, CA, is one of the largest and most complete martial arts facilities. Now let IMB serve you. It"s just a matter of honesty. You will know that they are the best for your personal well-being.

Requirements and Curriculum
The basic six-month probation period must be completed before being accepted as a regular martial arts student which allows them to take any class. A Certificate of Achievement is awarded after 100 hours of class participation in the various martial arts.

Jeet Kune Do - IMB Curriculum
Introduction and beginning class allows students to experience proper warm ups and stretching exercises before engaging in the various ranges of martial art basics. Physical contact is concentrated on training equipment such as Boxing focus gloves, Muay Thai striking pads, kicking shields, speed bags, heavy bags, rattan sticks and Mook Jong wooden dummy. No physical contact sparring is allowed without approval.

Jeet Kune Do - Advanced Instructors Class
The advance class is contingent upon satisfactory completion of individual testing. Physical contact sparring is allowed with the approval of immediate instructor.
Senior Students qualify for the assistant instructors apprenticeship program. They are recognized in Phase II with exceptional martial arts ability and professional attitude.

Course Description
The Jeet Kune Do Way
Every individual, based on his or her abilities and experience, has their own unique Jeet Kune Do way. IMB believes in showing principles and concepts that are practical, direct and simple. We supply you with the three basic ranges of combative martial arts, then you practice them on your own to make your own decision on what best fits your needs. We do no want to teach you only martial artswe want you to be able to develop it. We call this procedure Jeet Kune Do, your own person martial art way.

Weaponry Range: Kali/Eskrima/Arnis
Long Range weaponry defense featuring rattan baton coordination drills. An awareness of various angels of offense, defense, and counters. Only when one understands the various angles of attack can one defend against weapons.

Striking Range: Boxing/Muay Thai
Middle range personal weapons emphasizing the coordination and use of hangs, feet, elbow, and knee strikes for an effective defense for sports and fitness.

Grappling Range: Wrestling/Jujitsu
Close range standing and ground grappling encounters from hand, leg, and joint locks, to Judo throws and sweeps, including Jujitsu and Catchascatchcan wrestling constraints and submissions holds.

Self Discovery: Jeet Kune Do
The philosophies, principles, concepts, and training methods of Bruce Lees way are used to increase an awareness and understanding of each Individuals spirit, Mental attitude, and Body fitness.

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